Blast Lodge

Project summary

  • Breeding stable
  • Location: Rolleston
  • Features: Horseshoe shape, stables, feed shed, tack room, float loading area

For a large stud complex this is the Rolls Royce setup. The U shape design site to face the north sun made for a pleasant sunny sheltered area which also made it limited walking distance from the feed shed and tack room.

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    The large number of stables are all fully lined with corner feed area and full door to the front allowing east access both in and out. A concrete apron right around the complex provided for easy clean access around the complex but all stable floors were earth with sawdust fill for easy cleaning. In the centre of the complex is a walk though area to all paddocks and this also had the wash area within it. The tack room and feed shed have concrete floors with fully lined walls ensuring that they are fully vermin proofed. Also excellent lighting was provided to both these areas and the whole complex making things easy both day and night. In the middle of the area is a loading area.

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