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Middlehurst Station

Project summary

  • Shearers quarters
  • Location: Awatere Valley

A well-established station in the Awatere Valley, Middlehurst Station features three large scale, custom projects. A 4-stand woolshed, shearers quarters and a helicopter hangar have all been completed with a focus on combining beauty and functionality. Working closely with owners Sue and Willie, we made sure each build was well-suited to their station’s needs and would make their day-to-day operations as smooth as possible, while adding to the visual appeal of the property.

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    Shearers' quarters

    Designed for both practical farm use and to cater to the tourism market, the shearers’ quarters are equally suited to seasonal groups of contractors as well as social gatherings and events. The large commercial kitchen works well for large and small groups, and bedrooms range in size and layout options with some featuring ensuites. It’s a beautiful building that adds to both the functionality and visual appeal of the station.

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