Muzzle Completed
Woolsheds and Covered Yards

Muzzle Station

Project summary

  • 4 stand Woolshed & Covered Yards
  • 4 stand Woolshed & Covered Yards

When FarmBuild received a phone call from Guy & O Redfern regarding the idea of building a new 4 stand woolshed and covered yard complex we were pretty excited. Colin Gregg’s Father and Grandfather both worked on the original homestead and woolshed so there was a close connection with the Muzzle Station.

This was going to be no easy task with the Muzzle Station positioned in between the Seaward and Inland Kaikoura Ranges and ruled by the mighty Clarence River getting building materials into site was going to be complexed so we needed to be super organised having everything ready to go in.

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    All steel work, building materials, roofing iron etc was kept to 8 metres long so this could be carted on Unimog Army trucks into site, a total of over 36 trips where done this way.

    There was also a lot of flying done thanks to Guy – this was mainly FarmBuild staff and groceries as the tail end of Cyclone Katrina effected the road access for weeks.

    The Muzzle Station is in a stunning location with a lot of history, the new 4 stand woolshed and covered yards are something we are very proud of having achieved in such a remote wilderness.

    Thanks to Guy and O for your help and hospitality over the 6 months we were at the Muzzle Station. A great team effort, well done to everyone involved.

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