Housing & accomodation

Stonyhurst Station

Project summary

  • Homestead
  • Location: Canterbury
  • Size: 600m2
  • Power: Windmill, solar, diesel heating
  • Features: Cellar, feature timber floors

Well this was a very interesting project for us as we did everything from start to finish with Peter Douglas-Clifford (Owner) working with us. This is the only project that we have done where we mixed all the concrete onsite, milled all timber required and used as many resources off the farm as possible.

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    The outlook from this house is simply stunning looking down the Canterbury coast past Motanau Island through to Christchurch and out to sea. The house is built in a boomerang shape to maximize both the sun and the views. This large house is mainly run off a windmill at the top off the hill which power comes down to a shed close by the house which is filled with batteries.

    At this point the power is stored and turned into 240 volts before going into the house with any excess going into the heating of the large swimming pool. The house is typical of a large homestead with rimu doors and trim, granite kitchen with Diesel AGA which does all the cooking and heating of twelve radiators throughout the house. This is the only project where we have gone to the forest and picked out 80 yr old Oregon cut it down milled it and by that afternoon have nailed it up into frames on site which was a very satisfying accomplishment. We also prehung all the doors did all roofing spouting fascia etc. and as much of the project as possible.

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