Woolsheds and Covered Yards

The Gums Station

Project summary

  • 4 stand woolshed and sheep yard
  • Location: Cheviot

This is our most popular design and one that we build the most of. The covered yards are set on an angle from the shed with a circular feed in so that the sheep flow well into the drafting race and handling area and also to allow you to work your dog and see the sheep coming around.

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    Good light and setting this to the north makes it a pleasant environment to work in. From the covered yards the sheep feed up into the woolshed which has four easy fill circular catching pens with enough area to hold an extra fill in behind them.

    The U shape raised hardwood board makes wool handling a breeze with short distances to both the U shape table and the wool bins behind. The presser is positioned behind with enough room to both handle and store the wool. There is a cafeteria with full cooking facilities and dining room tables as well as separate shower, toilets and hand basin area. This shed has been developed over a number of years with the input of many farmers and has proven itself over and over.

    With all covered yards, FarmBuild caters for each farmer’s individual needs and required holding capacities. With so much time now spent working with stock in any covered yards, and so many different operations and task carried out there, each area must be designed carefully.

    Stock flow needs to be easy, with many alternatives – from drafting to handlers to conveyors belts to crutching. Planning is also necessary to ensure the people doing this work can comfortably and safely work in a covered yard, and that they have quick and simple access to amenities, storage areas, power, and water.

    In the many years spent building covered yards, FarmBuild has never encountered two farmers with the same with their individual needs. The team are experts at getting it just right for you.

    The FarmBuild team can visit your property to meet with you and discuss your objectives, before drawing up a concept plan for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the concept, FarmBuild goes through the pricing phase to ensure that the design is within the budget you have set.

    With total client satisfaction, the plans will be lodged to council for consent so the FarmBuild team can start construction on-site.

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